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O-Tex LowDense Cement Data Sheet

O-Tex LowDense is a blended light weigh cement slurry provided by Lafarge that is designed to achieve densities between 10.5 and 13.5 (lb/gal), while also gaining high compression strengths. 

O-Tex LowDense can be used for any common cement job (surface, intermediate, production, squeezes, plug, etc.). LowDense cement can replace foam cement or glass beads, which may be required for low pressure wells. LowDense cement can be mixed with glass beads or foam to achieve even lower densities. For increased strength over 210 degF, Silica Flour is recommended. 

Compression Data (neat LowDense crush results)
11.5 (lb/gal) Compressive Strength (24hr) 100˚F > 500psi
140˚F > 750psi
Tensile Strength (24hr) 100˚F > 50psi
12.0 (lb/gal) Compressive Strength (24hr) 100˚F > 800psi
140˚F > 1450psi
Tensile Strength (24hr) 100˚F > 80psi
12.5 (lb/gal) Compressive Strength (24hr) 140˚F > 2050psi
   Compression Data (neat LowDense crush results)
11.5 (lb/gal) Compressive Strength (72hr) 200˚F > 500psi
220˚F > 500psi
12.0 (lb/gal) Compressive Strength (72hr) 200˚F > 900psi
220˚F > 920psi
12.5 (lb/gal) Compressive Strength (72hr) 200˚F > 1200psi
220˚F > 1350psi


  • High Compression Strengths at low densities. 
  • Zero free water 
  • Sedimentation less than 1% 
  • Compatible with most cement additives 
  • Density can be altered while mixing 
  • 1% natural expansion 
  • Offers opportunities to eliminate/reduce multi-stage operations 
  • Ability to have longer cement columns…while limiting potential risk of loss circulation 
  • Provides platform for improved zonal isolation in fractured zones 
  • Able to gain necessary strength while reducing rig time to resume well completion operations more efficiently 
Physical Properties
Sack Weight 83 lb
Specific Gravity 2.93
Absolute Volume 3.278 gal


O-Tex Pumping is constantly working to improve service quality and cement technology to try and become the industry leader in cement services in the United States.