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Laboratory-Tested Slurries Tailored to Specific Downhole Conditions

A successful primary cementing operation will result in a cement sheath which bonds and supports casing in addition to providing long term zonal isolation in any environment.

Good zonal isolation helps prevent the loss of production, control inter-zonal flow and/or flow to the surface, reduce water production and improve confinement of stimulation treatments.

Effective zonal control also increases well profitability and is critical to safer and environmentally sound wells.

Although cementing is widely viewed as the last step in a drilling operation, our O-Tex engineers design cementing solutions with the understanding that this is also the first step in completions.

O-Tex offers a wide range of cementing solutions, respectively tailored to meet the demanding environment of each well while still adhering to our client’s specifications. 

Lightweight Slurries:  O-Tex, ‘LowDense’, is a blended light weigh cement slurry provided by Lafarge that is designed to achieve densities between 10.5 and 13.5 (lb/gal), while also gaining high compression strengths.  ‘LowDense’ can replace foam cement or glass beads when low pressure wells are encountered.  For even lower densities, ‘LowDense’ can be mixed with glass beads or foam.  Other benefits to ‘LowDense’ are:

  • High Compression Strengths at low densities.
  • Zero free water
  • Sedimentation less than 1%
  • Compatible with most cement additives
  • Density can be altered while mixing
  • 1% natural expansion
  • Capable of eliminating or reducing multi-stage operations
  • Ability to have longer cement columns, while limiting potential risk of loss circulation
  • Provides platform for improved zonal isolation in fractured zones
  • Able to gain necessary strength while reducing rig time to resume well completion operations more efficiently 
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