Superior Equipment Running on America’s Fuel

We are proud to be on the forefront of technology by converting cementing equipment to use CNG dual fuel systems.  Our ever-growing fleet of 2500 hhp pump trucks are primarily used in pump down services, but can perform any other type of pressure pumping. We are in the process of converting our entire fleet cementing and specialty pumping units to run on dual fuel systems.

Cement Equipment

  • HPHT Consistometers – pump time equipment
  • UCA – compressive strength testing
  • SGA – gas migration to determine the transition time of cement slurries
  • Stirring Fluid Loss – for temperatures up to 450° F
  • Static Fluid Loss – for temperatures up to 190° F
  • Atmospheric Consistometers – used to condition slurries to down hole conditions
  • Autoclave – curing chamber for long term testing at temperature and pressure
  • Mechanical Crusher – for compressive strength testing
  • Viscometer – used for attaining rheological properties
  • Additional testing – water analysis, free-fluid analysis,
  • API settling tests, mud balance
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