Specialty Pump Down Services


High HP Pump Down Services
Chemical/Acid Squeezing
Perforation Breakdown • Formation Evaluation
  • Testing newly constructed Pipeline
  • Equipped to provide “to the pound” pressure delivery
  • Pumping of wireline tools, equipment in both vertical & horizontal applications
  • Capable of performing all aspects of “toe prep” in both vertical & horizontal applications
  • Capable of pumping acid
  • Capable of pumping slat & paraffin removing chemicals
  • Triplex & quintuplex pump
  • Centrifugal mounted on each trailer
  • Wireless charting capabilities
  • Pressure of up to 15,000 psi.
  • Rates as high as 20 bpm.

The capabilities and possibilities are limited only by your need for quality specialized pumping services. Please contact an O-Tex Pumping representative for more information about availability in your area!

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